These are the top 8 snowboard graphics for 2018

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As with its elder sibling the skateboard, the art of snowboarding and art on snowboards are inextricably linked. While some obsess about carbon stringers, triaxial weaves and urethane sidewalls, others are more interested in the really sexy part of board design – the graphics. So, especially for the more aesthetically minded, here’s what caught our eye from the 2018 snowboard crop.

1. Gnu Mullair

Pro models are something of a rarity in 2018, but what about a pro model with a graphic that was hand-drawn by another former pro snowboarder? Pretty much just this one. Nicolas Müller took a long career of riding the best snow in the world and put all that knowledge into his pro model with Gnu. Next, he got Danny Larsen to create one of his pointillism masterpieces to grace the topsheet. Does it get any better?


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