The 6 Best Spring Skiing Resorts in North America:

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Mt. Bachelor, OR

Why:   Deep spring snowpack, frequent springtime powder storms, perfect Cascade Corn, almost always open deep into May, world class rock climbing at nearby Smith Rocks State Park, the most breweries per capita in the USA (Bend, OR is “Beer City, USA”), lakes everywhere, high desert nearby full of bizarre lava tubes, great mountain biking nearby, phenomenal fishing, & killer kayaking.

Arapahoe Basin, CO

Why:  The Beach.  ’nuff said…  (The Beach is the parking lot in the springtime that becomes an all day, everyday tailgate party including beer bongs, costumes, dogs, loud music, dancing, BBQs, partial nudity, whiskey, and unadulterated good times.  There is no scene at any ski resort anywhere on Earth like A-Basin’s Beach)


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