Skiing in Chile: 6 ways to enjoy Southern Hemisphere slopes

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2. Volcano skiing

In a country with hundreds of volcanoes — some active — it’s logical to make the most of the steep slopes by skiing down them. Chile’s newest ski center sits atop Volcan Osorno, in the southern part of the country.

Noted for its visual similarity to Mount Fuji, Osorno is located about 40 miles from Puerto Montt, in the Lake District. It rises 2,662 meters (8,733 feet) above sea level, has two chairlifts, three drag lifts, 12 slopes of varying levels and a season that lasts until October.

“One of the highlights at Osorno is the snowcar tour,” says Raffaele Di Biase, owner ofBirdsChile and president of the local Tour Guides Association. “It’s a vehicle that takes you up over the snow to the snowy side of the volcano, an area otherwise inaccessible.”

On a clear day, the view from the Glacier Station reaches to the Pacific Ocean. An unexpected perk of volcano skiing: snowshoe excursions to the volcano’s crater. LAN Airlines runs multiple daily flights between Santiago and Puerto Montt.

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