Fields Medal: Aussie genius Akshay Venkatesh wins ‘Nobel Prize of mathematics’

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Nowadays, Professor Venkatesh is a dad who lives a pretty normal live in the US.

“It’s really a prize for younger mathematicians, both about their previous work and to kind of encourage them to keep doing that,” he told the ABC.

“I have very normal interests. I go running, that’s my main exercise hobby. I like to read.

“But the truth is having young children takes up a lot of time … When I get a chance, I read or go for a run, but I’d say most of my spare time, I’m with the kids.”

And for his mum, who is immensely proud of him, she just wants him to be happy.

“That is all I hope for him, that he is happy and he loves what he does,” said Svetha Venkatesh, who is herself a professor of computer science at Deakin University, and a leader in the field of machine learning.

Professor Venkatesh, who teaches at Stanford University in California, is being honoured for work that combines insights from several different fields of mathematics.

His former classmate, and now professor of mathematics at the University of WA, Michael Giudici said explaining his work to the general public was hard.

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