Eight Riders Who Represent the Future: Red Gerard

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If there is one individual under legal drinking age–well, actually under the legal age to do anything aside from drive a car–who has been looked at as snowboarding’s next big thing, it’s Redmond Gerard. But as we head into an Olympic year, this gift is also a curse. Red’s demeanor isn’t such that he basks in the glory projected on him. Don’t get me wrong; the kid can handle the limelight, and he doesn’t hate it. He’s been in it for long enough now. But as the inevitable “Red, White, and Blue” headlines begin to pop up from mainstream media outlets, Red will feel the spotlight’s heat more than he ever has. Fortunately, he’s grown up with as strong and grounded of a support system as any young star could ask for. His family is large and tightknit, with older siblings who have punched his ego down for at least 14 of his 17 years. The bonds he’s formed on-hill with a group of other prospective snowboard talent provide the close friendships that most kids develop in a classroom.


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