CBSE Class 12 math paper 2018 analysis: How students across India reacted after exam

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Students and teachers in Uttar Pradesh’s capital city said the paper was above average as compared to the previous year, but it contained conceptual questions that had implied meanings.

Most of the questions were application based, they added.

Students of City International School and GD Goenka Public School had a positive response to the paper and said they were satisfied with their performance.

“I have done well. I was well prepared. We had done plenty of practice throughout the year,” Siddhant Srivastava of GD Goenka Public School said.

“Section D of the question paper was the best as there was no surprise element in it,” Srivastava said.

His classmates Arjun said question paper was as per the sample paper issued by the board and Muskan said the difficulty level was average.

“I am quite satisfied with my attempt as all the sections of the question papers were balanced,” Abhigyan said.

Their mathematics teacher said there was no surprise element in the question paper. Students whose time management skills are good would have done well and same goes for those who prepared thoroughly from NCERT books, he added.

AP Mishra, a maths teacher at City International School, also said the paper was lengthy as compared to last year.


Ayushi, a student of Notre Dame in the capital of Bihar, said she found the paper very easy.

“The questions were from the NCERT book but the values were altered. Overall, I am expecting above 90% marks in the paper,” she added.

Her maths teacher BS Kamat also said that the questions were easy and direct.

“Maximum questions were from NCERT. It was easier than last year,” Kamat added.

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