8 Essential Products for Summer Snowboarding

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Burton Process

Since its introduction to the Burton line, the Process has been consistently refined to be lighter, snappier, and more playful. This has been achieved through dialing in the FSC Certified Super Fly 2 core to give the board a lighter build that retains loads of snap, and by utilizing Squeezebox to ensure every ounce of energy put into the board gets transferred into performance. Combine all this with a softer flex and twin shape, and you’ve found yourself the perfect freestyle focused deck with all-mountain capabilities. Point the Palmer glacier with ease, and dial in every trick you’ve been dreaming of this summer – the Process will have your back. Oh, and the best part yet? If you still aren’t sold on buying the Process right this moment, make sure to cruise over to the Burton Demo Center in Government Camp and snag yourself one of next year’s models to take for a swing before dropping in on the big buy.

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