8 best ski and snowboard goggles

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Vonzipper Skylab Wildlife Goggles: £129.99, The Board Basement

There are lots of good features here. The wide ergonomic frame offers great panoramic vision and comes with both a 26 per cent VLT lens (ideal for most conditions) and a spare yellow 73% VLT lens (for low light conditions). Both of the anti-fog, 100 per cent UV lenses are of great quality, so much so that you might forget you’re wearing them, and the fleece-lined frame is one of the comfiest we tried.

Sungod Custom Revolt Goggles: £95, Sungod

Sungod’s Revolt goggles are fully customisable – it’s a process so addictive you may find hours have passed while you’ve been picking exactly which strap you want to pair with which lenses. What they all have in common are lenses with great clarity, comfortable straps and an effective clip-lock way to swap between lens colours. Six lenses are available – we like the Snow Smoke, an all-rounded option suitable for most conditions with a VLT of 17 per cent.

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