7 Tips for The Ultimate Utah Snowboarding/Ski Trip

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Stay Off Mountain

Since rooms on a ski hill can get pricey, we decided to stay off mountain and drive to the resorts. With our rental car from SLC International Airport we were able to save a whole lot of money that we would have spent on ski-in, ski-out accommodations. We didn’t plan on spending that much time inside any way.

Backpack Lunches

Mountain food can be expensive. To keep from trashing our budgets, we decided to pack sandwiches, drinks and snacks. After cramming it all into backpacks, we found a ski rack outside the mid-mountain lodge where they would keep in the cold air and be easily accessible when we were ready for a bite to eat. That’s a Utah travel tip that won’t break the bank. By the end of the day our legs were twitching, but we were still looking for something else to do when we heard about the Alpine Coaster. It was a whole lot of fun, even for five grown guys who should have known better.

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