7 Tips for The Ultimate Utah Snowboarding/Ski Trip

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Go For Half

Thanks to the close proximity of the mountains to the airport, many resorts offer half day, afternoon and nighttime passes. You can ski Sundance Mountain’s Twilight Pass (2:30-9 p.m.) for less than $50, so it’s a good option for boarders like us who like to hit the snow as soon as the flight touches down. Many other resorts also offer partial-day tickets, so make sure to ask.

After a few awesome runs to tune our boards and some steep, wide-open bowls late in the day, we headed into town, blissfully tired and hungry. The obvious choice for these powderhounds was the locals’ favorite, The Owl Bar. Legend has it the original 1890s bar was hauled to its current location from Wyoming where Butch Cassidy and his gang used to throw back a few. The bar menu was filled with microbrews, wine and shooters, but we opted to hold off until we were settled for the night. Instead, we grabbed some dinner (try the fried pickles and Owl Bar nachos). It’s an absolute must-see (or must-eat) if you’re planning a Utah ski trip!

Here’s a tip to keep in mind when just arriving in a high-altitude destination:

High Time For Fun

As a flatlander from Florida, I admit that high altitudes aren’t always my friend. To prevent dehydration, which only worsens altitude sickness, gulp water before, during and after you fly and take it easy the first day.

Have At Least One Over-the-Top Experience

To get to The Yurt at Solitude, we snowshoed about a mile through a lantern-lit forest until coming to a clearing where the yurt sat hidden in the woods. A four-course meal, including a seafood course, venison and short ribs, was prepared right before our eyes. While it was, admittedly, a bit of a foodie event, the grub was amazing and the experience was unique.

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