6 Tips to Prevent Snowboarding Accidents

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4. Improve Balance and Core Stability with Exercise

Excellent balance and core stability are crucial to preventing injuries when snowboarding. Balance and stability can help reduce falls and improve control of your body. One way to improve your balance and core stability is through yoga and pilates classes.

5. Safe Falling Techniques

When it comes to snowboarding, falling is an “if” not a “when.” Everybody falls during snowboarding – even Olympic athletes. Knowing how to fall safely can significantly reduce your chance of injury. When you are falling the natural reaction to reach out your arms to protect yourself, however, this can cause injuries to your wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

Instead of trying to catch yourself with your hands, Elliott suggests using the “tuck and roll” technique. This technique involves tucking your head and shoulder down and bringing your arms closer to your chest. In doing so, you will spread the force of the fall out to a larger area of your body, rather than putting all the stress in one area.

6. Know Your Limits and Take Snowboarding Classes

Only you know your skill level so make sure you are choosing slopes that are appropriate, and you feel comfortable going down. Do not allow peer pressure to influence your decisions. If a hill is outside of your comfort zone, do not go down it.

People just beginning to snowboard should consider taking a snowboarding class from a trained instructor. Lessons increase not only your safety but also the other people around you on the slopes.


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