5 Best Places To Go Skiing In The World, Because The Slopes Are Calling

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Ah, winter. Some of us can’t get enough of this time of year, hitting up the slopes and doing as many wintery activities as humanly possible. Others love to hate on the season. Curse the slushy streets for f*cking up our leather heels, and the snow for burying our cars three feet under in the chilliest of temps, amiright? Oh, and parting ways with our cozy blanket fortress in the morning? Beyond tragic. But when all is said and done, swapping out the haterade for a mug of boozy hot chocolate will do us all some good, because winter is here, whether we like it or not. We might as well take a chill pill (quite literally), and scope out some of the best places to go skiing in the world while we’re at it.

Call up your favorite humans and make sure you’re living your best life in the snowy days to come. Hitting the road for a ski trip with the mains is truly one of the best things that comes out of this season, and let’s be real here, there’s no better time than the present to kick off your New Year’s travel resolutions. If you don’t start making plans now, then honestly, when will you? Snow happens, so consider checking one of these gems off of your bucket list.

1. Megève, France

This beautiful village tucked away in the French Alps is the winter wonderland of your dreams. From the restaurants and charming shops to the picturesque slopes and buildings, this village looks like it popped straight out of a storybook.

After adventuring down the many trails the slopes have to offer, treating yourselves to a rejuvenating experience at the igloo spa located in Hotel Mont-Blanc will be the cherry topping to your girls’ trip. Relax those muscles from skiing all day long and refocus the body and mind.

2. Gstaad, Switzerland

Your season is bound to sparkle if your wanderlust brings you to this resort village in Switzerland. Although the price tag on this getaway will be a tad luxurious, the memories you’ll make with your people will certainly be ones for the books.

If this just so happens to be your destination of choice, chilling with the huskies for an afternoon of dogsledding is a must. And if you’ve always wanted to experience the Swiss Alps from a different viewpoint, why not book a hot air balloon ride with some champagne? The possibilities and solid picture opportunities are endless.

Of course, when you get hungry, HUUS restaurant is the hotspot for you. With the breathtaking backdrop of the Alps right outside the venue’s windows, this restaurant takes the cake for the most pristine ambiance.


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