11 Tips for Skiing the Trees Without Fear

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4. Look ahead and anticipate your turns.

It’s always a good idea to stop and scan ahead, planning your next four to five turns. Be sure to note if there are lumps along your planned route and know that you will maneuver around these as well, since they are likely stumps or bushes.

5. Slow down.

You are not Mikaela Shiffrin dodging trees like slalom gates at lightning pace—don’t feel like you have to go mach speed. Even when your next few turns are planned, take your time with them to build confidence turning through obstacles. After all, trees don’t move and often have low-hanging branches that can sneak up on you if you’re approaching them too quickly.

6. Don’t look at the trees.

They tell you this when you’re learning to drive, too. If you are staring directly at the obstacle in front of you, chances are you will run right into it. Plant your gaze where you want to turn and your skis or board will follow. You should always keep your eyes ahead of you and fixed on the white line between the trees, as if it were a twisty road down which you are solidly steering.

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