11 Tips for Skiing the Trees Without Fear

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1.Ski with a buddy.

As awesome as the visibility is directly in front of you, it can be easy to lose your way in the woods. Especially if you’re new to tree skiing, make sure you don’t go solo. As you’re making your way through the trees, it’s always a good idea to check-in with your buddy or crew every few turns.

2. Practice making short turns on the open slope.

Before you sign up for the real deal, stop for a moment while you’re out on one of your favorite wide open trails or bowls and imagine a lineup of trees below you. Practice making short, quick turns down the slope through the imaginary forest and it will help mentally and physically prepare you for the trees.

3. Start out in wider glades.

As you become increasingly obsessed with skiing trees, you’ll inevitably have to transform into a human paperclip once or twice to maneuver through a particularly tight pair of pines. But when you’re first getting started, there’s no need to test out your shoulder width—there are plenty of glades out there that allow for broad, loose turns as you’re learning. These are the ones to practice in before you work your way toward narrower paths.


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