11 Things To Do In Harbin Beyond Ice Sculptures – Russian Towns, Igloo Dining and Year-Round Skiing

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2. Take your OOTDs at Harbin Grand Theatre Opera House

With its smooth architectural curves and spiky “durian” roof, the Harbin Grand Theatre Opera House is like a distant Chinese cousin of our own iconic Esplanade.

Unlike our own arts theatre, however, this place was almost deserted. The locals and tourists barely visit, so it’s a perfect place to nail that perfect architectural OOTD without having to crop anyone out of your pictures.

3. Dine in an ice palace on frozen furniture

There’s no shortage of hotpot restaurants in Harbin, but if you’re looking for a frostier dining experience, try the Shangri-la Ice Palace.

The tables are located in ice igloos, where temperatures hover at a cool 20 degrees below zero. It’s so cold that the vapour from the hotpots condense into snowflakes which drift back into your laps.

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