11 lessons learned – Skiing the Kings Trail, Sweden

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The Kings Trail (also known as Kungsleden) is a 400km route that weaves its way from Abisko in the far north to Hemavan further south. It boasts intriguing scenery and stunning mountain landscapes, along with beautifully situated, cosy hosted mountain huts which provide for a fantastic skiing (or walking) adventure. We asked Tav Kelly (KE Marketing Manager) who recently skied the trail, what lessons she learned along the way.

1) Remember to look up

You’re only in Abisko for two nights at the beginning, so don’t forget to look up. It’s one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights and I was blessed with an amazing light show one evening when walking back to my lodge from dinner. If you keep an eye out you can also see them while staying in some of the huts along the way. In March they are maybe not as active as at other times of year, but I was mesmerised. Trust me, it’s worth a nighttime visit to the outdoor loo and the effort to carry a good camera. 


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