10 Things To Do In Batam That Are Not Massage Or Jet Skiing

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3. Take a treetop selfie over a cliffside beach at Taman Wisata Habibie 1000 Tangga

Taman Wisata Habibi 1000 Tangga (5,000 Rp, ~S$0.50  per person) literally means “a thousand steps” because of the sheer number of stairs there that lead to scenic spots in the garden park. Not far from Dangas Sekupang Beach, it gets its namesake from BJ Habibie, Indonesia’s third president, who used to live here.

We dropped off at Area Sunset just before the evening set in, and found many small groups resting on seats in the shade, looking to the horizon.

I walked up to a rustic treehouse (2,000 Rp, ~S$0.20 per person), from where I could see the Singapore’s skyscrapers, excited to spot Marina Bay Sands. I had to have a treehouse selfie to mark the memory, and a shot of a panoramic view of the beach. Lush greenery dominated the place, and the treehouse had a charming view of the sunset that gave me Tarzan and Moana vibes.  

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