The Meinerth family skiing and snow playing at Squaw Valley, California. Barry (father), Luciana (mother), Marlee, Sydney. The Steinhilber family at SnoVentures. Michael (dad), Angela (mom), Isabel (oldest daughter), Zoe (middle daughter), Gianna (youngest daughter).

10 Skiing Tricks to Memorize Before Hitting the Slopes

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The kids are itching to hit the ski slopes but you are overwhelmed by the logistics of it all—we get it! Whether it’s their first time or if you’ve got a future Lindsey Vonn on your hands, read through this list of skiing hacks and tips before you head to the resort. After all, the more prepped you are, the more awesome the experience for the whole family. Keep reading to see them all.

1. Make your own “bunny hill” first

Ski gear is bulky and unfamiliar. Get it ready in advance, and let the kids try it out in your living room first. If you are staying at a ski resort or house with a small snow hill outside, use that for some practice “runs” before you spend the big bucks on the lift tickets. 


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